Albert Martin

Welcome to my web site. I am a story teller, using pictures instead of words.

Here are some of those stories.

Homes. The "Real Estate" Folder. Who does not want a good story about a home. After all, a good story will have a potential client want to see the house. These stories are in this folder.

"The Alpine Zone of the White Mountains of New Hampshire" gallery shows some of the special flavor of this very special and unique area of the White Mountains. 

My "Weekly/Monthly Blog Folder" covers whatever interests me. My aim is that each picture talks about something important  to me during that week.

The final gallery, "After the Fall - Nature's Beauty Exhibit" has the images that were exhibited in 2019 at the JCC Metrowest Gallery. Flowers are always beautiful. They are also beautiful in a very special way after they have bloomed and dried out, which is the subject of these pictures.

I want to tell your story. Send me an e-mail at Let’s talk.

Albert Martin


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