Albert Martin

Welcome to my web site. I am a story teller, using pictures instead of words.

Here are some of those stories.

The "Weekly Blog Folder" covers whatever interests me that week. The topics change. My aim is that each picture talks about something that I did that week.  

Homes tell stories. The home in this gallery were "for sale". My photographs aim to present each home in the best possible light. The buyer should, through my photographs, love the home at first sight. 

Actors tell stories. I capture those stories through my photographs.

My favorite travels have been to the White Mountain area of New Hampshire. Those are the pictures in the two galleries of "The Alpine Zone..." and "Mass Bay RRE Excursions". The area is unique and I enjoyed capturing some of the unique areas and events of the White Mountains. 

I want to tell your story. Send me an e-mail at Let’s talk.

Albert Martin




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